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Former AR Grantee Hopeworks Expands to Philly

10.27.2022 |

We’re proud to share that our former grantee Hopeworks is launching a second site in Philadelphia, with a goal of training and placing about 60 young Philadelphia residents in its first year.

Congratulations, Dan and team! Your strong track record and thorough planning continues to opens doors. Keep up the great work!

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    Arbor Rising News

    Arbor Rising Report: Estimating ROI for Workforce Development Nonprofits

    01.10.2023 |

    In this report, Arbor Rising articulates a methodology for estimating return on investment (ROI) for workforce development nonprofits.  The aim is to help funders and job training organizations continue to move towards common language, comprehensive evaluation standards, and, especially, cost-per-outcome benchmarks.  Included in the report are ROI estimates for twelve high-performing workforce development organizations in our network who graciously shared or published detailed program and outcomes data.

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    Fall 2022 AR Newsletter

    12.05.2022 |

    Herein we introduce our 2022-2023 second-stage portfolio, share some tips for optimizing 1-on-1 check-ins, and circulate our latest “Hindsights” along with more exciting News from our Network.

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