• Springboard's flagship offering is an intensive, five-week summer literacy program for Pre-K through 3rd grade students and their families. At each partner school site, they train teachers to implement the curriculum, engage parents to continue reading at home, and provide educational incentives—including books and tablets—to encourage young readers to excel.
  • Arbor Rising partnered with the Springboard Collaborative management team on a number of key deliverables, including:

    • Financial Model — to monitor fundraising progress, create multiyear budget projections, and track key programmatic outcomes
    • Communication Materials — to convey Springboard Collaborative’s unique value proposition to prospective funding partners
    • Tools and Standards – for recruiting, managing, and engaging the organization’s board of directors
    • Data Analysis — statistical evaluation of historical outcomes to refine programming and inform marketing efforts

    in unrestricted funding from Arbor Rising

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“With Arbor [Rising's] unique investment of advice and capital, I have every confidence we will take Springboard to scale.”

Alejandro Gac-Artigas, Founder and Executive Director

See for yourself the difference that patient capital and thoughtful partnership can make.