• Pursuit's flagship program, Access Code, is a 10-month software development program that trains talented adults from underserved populations (including un/under-employed, non-college graduates, women, African Americans, Latino/as and immigrants) to become industry-ready programmers.
  • Arbor Rising partnered with the Pursuit management team on a number of key deliverables, including:

    • Theory of Change — clarifying the population served, type of intervention, and target outcomes
    • Financial Model — to monitor fundraising progress, create multiyear budget projections, and track key programmatic outcomes
    • Financing Vehicles — “pay for success” opportunities for investors and program alumni to underwrite training costs
    • Performance Dashboard – which established high-level goals and accountability targets for staff

    in unrestricted funding from Arbor Rising

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“Arbor [Rising] helped us in all aspects of our work from refining our budgeting practices to creating a new Theory of Change to strategizing about expansion plans.”

Jukay Hsu, Founder and Executive Director

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