• KindWork’s mission is to help talented young adults from overlooked communities transform their economic outlook and launch new careers in the innovation economy. KindWork’s flagship program, the Customer Experience Fellowship, engages in three key program activities to connect beneficiaries to customer-facing roles in tech: skills training, job placement, and career coaching.
  • Arbor Rising is partnering with the KindWork management team on a number of deliverables, including:

    • Theory of Change — clarifying the population served, scope of intervention, progress milestones and high-level outcomes
    • Outcomes Dashboard — identifying, carefully defining, and setting detailed targets for all outcomes and leading indicators
    • Growth Planning – scenario construction and analysis around program expansion / extension


  • “KindWork is thrilled to partner with Arbor [Rising] to build on our Fellowship program's early success and chart a path for sustainable growth. Both the team's time and financial investment will go a long way toward ensuring more young adults can benefit from our services.”

    Kate Doyle & Jeanine Mendez, KindWork Co-Founders

    See for yourself the difference that patient capital and thoughtful partnership can make.