• ImmSchools partners with educators and community leaders to ensure safe and inclusive schools for undocumented and mixed-status students and their families. They create and facilitate programs across the country to empower educators and families with the skills and practices to advocate for education policies and systems that allow students to thrive in schools.
  • Arbor Rising is partnering with the ImmSchools management team on a number of deliverables, including:

    • Theory of Change — clarifying the population served, scope of intervention, progress milestones and high-level outcomes
    • Growth Planning – scenario construction and analysis around program expansion / extension


  • “As an immigrant-led and community-centered organization, the specialized support from Arbor [Rising] will be critical in building a strong infrastructure and positioning us to further deepen our impact within the undocumented and mixed-status community in our schools.”

    Viridiana Carrizales, Co-Founder and CEO of ImmSchools

    See for yourself the difference that patient capital and thoughtful partnership can make.