• Working in teams of 3-4, Blue Engine Teaching Assistants (BETAs) support classrooms for an entire school year, providing teachers the instructional bandwidth and efficiency to deliver a more rigorous academic curriculum that equips students with college-ready skills in mathematics, literacy, and social cognition.
  • In 2009, as a pilot grant, Arbor Rising partnered with Blue Engine Founder Nick Ehrmann to co-create:

    • Financial Model — to monitor fundraising progress, create multiyear budget projections, and track key programmatic outcomes
    • Communication Materials — to convey Blue Engine’s unique value proposition to prospective funding partners
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“Some define "helpful" as getting to the right answers. What makes Arbor [Rising] transformative is their skill in questioning the questions themselves. They approach the work with rigor and refreshing humility and have influenced, in ways both small and substantial, the trajectory of our work.”

Nick Ehrmann, Founder and CEO

See for yourself the difference that patient capital and thoughtful partnership can make.