• 12 Plus is an education nonprofit that seeks to empower and equip all young adults to become agents of change within their communities. To do so, the organization implements holistic programming in partner high schools and with recent graduates that focuses on personal growth, post-secondary education, and career development. Through these programs, 12 Plus helps build a self-sustaining and celebratory culture around postsecondary success.
  • Arbor Rising is partnering with the 12 Plus management team on a number of deliverables, including:

    • Refining 12 Plus’s data management system, allowing for more understanding, robust tracking, and measurement of the organization’s medium-term outcomes.


“12 Plus is excited to work with and learn from the Arbor Rising team how to better capture, evaluate, and expound upon the effects of our longitudinal programming on school and community culture, particularly in how it improves postsecondary outcomes.”

Raymond John, Chief Executive Officer of 12 Plus

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