The Arbor Rising family includes these stellar former grantees:

  • All Our Kin | 2011-2014, 2017-2021 (Follow-on)

    All Our Kin trains, supports, and sustains family child care providers, giving children and families the foundation to succeed in school and in life.
  • BEAM | 2017-2020

    Bridge to Enter Advanced Mathematics (BEAM) creates realistic pathways for under-served students to become scientists, mathematicians, engineers, and programmers.
  • Blue Engine | 2009 Pilot

    Blue Engine partners with public high schools to prepare dramatically greater numbers of low-income students for secondary success.
  • BRICK Education Network | 2012-2015, 2020-2021 (Follow-on)

    BRICK (Building Responsible, Intelligent, Creative Kids) Education Network leads and operates BRICK schools in Newark's South Ward and beyond.
  • CARA | 2015-2018

    CARA (College Access: Research & Action) narrows the college access gap in under-resourced district high schools by training and empowering staff, peers, and recent graduates to support first-generation students in navigating the college process.
  • Exalt Youth | 2011-2014

    exalt Youth elevates expectations of personal success for youth ages 15-19 who’ve been involved in the criminal justice system.

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